Friday, August 19, 2011

Are Ed Hartwell and Lisa Wu from RHOA getting divorced? *Updated

I'm Facebook friends with Ed Hartwell and I noticed today that his status is "Separated" instead of "Married" (to Lisa Wu Hartwell). Has the Reality Show curse taken them down too!? Nick & Jessica, Jon and Kate, Linda and Hulk Hogan, Whitney and Bobby, Greg and Nene, Jenn and Eric...and now this?!  It seems that no relationship is stong enough to survive life in the public eye and tv cameras in the bedroom. And NO relationship can survive life on Facebook, because I'm sure there are plenty of Atlanta women ready to help soothe Ed's broken heart if this is true! I asked him for a statement...let's see if he responds.

Updated 8/21/11
I was the first one to break this story, YAY ME!. Yesterday MediaTakeout and reported what I said and Lisa Wu confirmed their separation via twitter by saying "Sadly. We r seperated but wld NEVER b over money. That is so far frm the truth. Wish ppl cld respect ppl's privacy during times like these". I'm sad to see anyone break up, but you also can't put your ultra, lovey dovey relationship all on tv and then when things go wrong, say "Respect my privacy". The couple has a 3 year-old son, Ed Jr. together.

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