Friday, May 1, 2009

Who is J Dubb? *Updated*

Who is this man with Jeezy? He done took my breath away! That is the sweetest piece of sexual chocolate I have seen in a looooong time. I am definitely moving to the A now! They don't make em like this in L.A. Somebody please tell me who he is and slip him my number..... For real.
*Updated* August 4, 2011
Well I found out who the man in the picture was...It's two years later and I did actually wind up moving to Atlanta. His name is "JW the Grade A Hustler" and he is a rapper from Fort Lauderdale, FL who spends a lot of time in Atlanta recording. I met him briefly in person recently. He's a cool guy and just as handsome in person as in his pictures. He's very focused on his music and has released numerous mixtapes and music videos. You can follow him on twitter @JWGradeAHustler. Maybe he'll grant me an exclusive interview for the blog?...stay tuned for update #3!